Blog Prompt #6: Future of Technology

If I was elected as a dictator for a day, one law that I will immediately enforce around technology will be to ban websites that sell guns or illegal drugs. Example of an illegal website would be the “dark web”.

By enforcing this law it will prevent many deaths from happening. There is a humongous amount of increasing number of deaths. This law will solve and decrease the number of deaths. These deaths are caused by weapons or drugs. Each year the number of deaths caused by being shot or taking drugs is a number you can’t even imagine. This law will keep us all protected from the terrible things.

Guns are a major threat to all of us nowadays. Since criminals are getting their weapons easily from online, it is easy for them to constantly kill people. When you kill one person, it will want you to kill more since you have experienced it already. This will be an addiction where they might even kill a random person for no reason.  They would want to target someone to get shot every day. Guns can cause domestic violence, suicide, homicide and way much more. People that get shot can have one or more minor, major or life-threatening injuries. Injuries are really painful and you suffer a lot especially when you are shot. When you are shot it might lead to having a disability, being in a coma or even being paralyzed. It’s hard to take care of yourself and there are a lot of expenses from it. After that, you have to take care of health costs, insurance and go through police investigations. You won’t be able to do anything for a while depending on how bad the injuries are. Being shot is not easy and if you survive it, you have to go through a ton of issues.

Drugs will slowly make you die every day. When you take it the first time, you won’t be able to stop because it’s addicting afterward. Then you constantly take it which leads to death. People buying illegal drugs can mainly do it for 3 reasons. One of the reasons being because they are going through a hard stage of their life that is called depression. They think to calm themselves down, the right thing to do is to take drugs. Drugs that can make you forget things, not remember anything from your past or present for the time being or do crazy things without your knowledge. Another reason is that they just want to try it for fun and do it since other people influence them too. People want to try it because they want to fit in with everybody else and be cool or popular. The last reason would be because they want to kill someone for revenge, personal issues or other problems. People think that drugs won’t make you feel the pain, but it will at last. If you take drugs, it’s hard to survive for long because they do a lot of harm to you and you won’t even feel it. Since the harm is happening inside of your body and it is not visible to anyone, it’s hard to tell if you’re dying or not. When it does affect you, it will be visible, which means it’s probably too late to cure it. This is because it’s already done a lot of damage to your body. The doctors might save you for the time being, but later in a few months it will come back and you can just die from that.

This will be the best use of my powers because this will prevent a lot of deaths from happening. Every day there are a lot of bad things happening. Someone is getting shot and their dying. Someone buys drugs, gets addicted and dies. Our environment will be a much better place and we will feel really secured if we stop this. This will never stop till we make it stop by enforcing a law. If people go against the law then they will be fined, pressed charges and get arrested. Maybe they would have to pay $20, 000 or more for a gun or a drug each. It may seem overboard, but if we don’t do this, the number of deaths will just keep increasing. It’s ridiculous how people are getting shot every day for something that can be solved easily by talking it out. There are many gangs that carry guns or drugs with them. This is making our environment an unhealthy place and we are losing a lot of people from shootings or people taking drugs. Criminals or ordinary people are so confident that they won’t get caught by buying guns or drugs online since it is almost impossible for the police to go into the system and collect all the data. Criminals aren’t even scared anymore of shooting someone in public in the morning where everyone can see you. If we don’t take action now then this will become much more worse. People take drugs and it becomes an overdose which is a threat to their lives. People just take their own lives for granted and don’t care about the effect it can do to them. If you buy an illegal drug, who knows what it has in it. When you buy drugs or guns online, it’s bought and given anonymously. You won’t know the information of the people who buys or sells the products. By these two major problems, it will decrease our population and affect us terribly. This needs to stop right now so that everyone could be safe and trust us that we can protect them.


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