Blog Prompt #5: ICT Issues

I think social media has had a more negative impact on the world. Social media is a platform where everyone can look at your posts and it can be shared within a second. Social media is ruining people’s lives including celebrities or ordinary people. Publishing random small posts which can create a lot of serious conflict. There are a lot of more struggles adding to this and there will always be more which we can’t entirely solve.

Social media has been a huge problem for LGBTQ people. For instance, in one of the articles that was presented in class, it pointed out how social media such as YouTube had been demonetizing LGBTQ youtubers since they weren’t family friendly. I think that YouTube made stuff up saying that it was an algorithm error. Forget about people, if social media creators are against LGBTQ, then they are basically sending a bad message towards the viewers. It’s like they are saying to not support LGBTQ people which is homophobic in my opinion.

I think the negative side is stronger when we are talking about social media because there are a lot of negative things being posted such as nasty rumors, comments, posts, messages or emails. When my partner and I did a presentation on cyber bullying, we were researching and it showed how a lot of people were emotionally, mentally and physically affected by the horrible comments that was posted or sent to them directly on social media. Since this happened some people thought the only way to escape from this temporary issue was suicide. People were cyber bullied through Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, email and text messages. Bullies won’t care because they are doing it behind the screen. Half of the people bully with their identity, but the other half do it anonymously. Anything can be said on social media since it’s a place of “Freedom of Speech”. Everyone is taking advantage of this and going beyond the limit. These issues has gone too far and there still hasn’t been any action taken properly.

When you are on a private site on social media buying stuff, you don’t know what or who you are dealing with. For example, in one of the presentations in class, it was mentioned how two 13 year old boys bought a drug called fentanyl from a webpage named the “Dark Web”. They bought it from an anonymous person. After taking that drug, they both died. The buyers and owners stay anonymous forever since it’s hard to track their identity through the “Dark Web”. There are many more similar or worse cases like this which makes social media not a safe platform to really go on.

Fake news is another common issue now a days. In one of the presentations in class, there was an issue discussed how there was a fake news article about “Mark Zuckerberg dead at the age 22”. People behind this don’t care because they are super confident that they won’t get caught which makes them want to do it even more. They think that the people working behind these web pages can’t do anything and won’t really care. Even if they do care it won’t last forever because they have other serious issues to deal with that are way more important to them.

These are just a few stories of what people have done on social media which makes it an unhealthy place to be on. It’s scary how social media isn’t secured enough that makes it seem the people working behind social media are not taking this issue too seriously. It’s like we can’t even trust it anymore. Anything could happened through social media and the consequences behind it are terrible. The number of problems that are causing harm to people are constantly increasing. It can be useful for research and our social needs at times, but it’s not a friendly environment to be in. These reasons make social media an unprotected and unfavorable platform to go on.


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