Blog Prompt #4: Summarizing and Evaluating My Placement

I really enjoyed my experience at my placement. It was really interesting because I have not done something like this ever before. This is my first time picking an app and getting to teach about it to grade 9 students. I really look forward to actually presenting to the grade 9’s. It makes me feel as if I am a teacher and it feels good when you are the one teaching. Presentations are not something I love doing, but I feel like I will learn a lot from teaching to students. For me personally, I think this experience is a good way to practice your presentation and confidence skills.

There were certain things that went well with our placement. My group and I were constantly communicating with one another and we always had a clear conversation about the project. When we presented in front of our IDC class, we got some positive feedback. Feedback such as how we were very detailed in terms of explaining what is Google Keep and what features it has. Our classmates and teacher were saying how our presentation was solid and straight to the point.

When our group went through our presentation with our IDC class, as we were presenting there were certain issues. The HDMI cable from the projector to the laptop was loose, so we started panicking, not knowing what to say. We totally blanked out for a second, but then during that issue, we tried talking to grab our classmates attention from being distracted by what was going on. By doing that we thought it was all okay, but our classmates gave us feedback how our presentation was all over the place. At that particular scenario, we couldn’t do anything else other than trying to talk to the class. Our group got distracted, were panicked and nervous after the HDMI cable that kept disconnecting from the projector. After that, we all didn’t know what we were saying because it all dragged our attention to that issue. We got feedback from our classmates and teacher about our presentation. Feedback such as, we shouldn’t have added the PowerPoint describing what organization was, we were all over the place, how we were rushing through our presentation, we should have added a story and much more. We realized all the mistakes that we made and we are going to fix it and make it better.

So far, I don’t think our placement was a success regarding with the feedback we got. We are going to put all of our effort to make it better. If we make those changes than our placement will become a success.

I think that this project is useful and has value for IDC students, teachers and students of placement teachers. This project creates many opportunities to explore on which app you like best. You can use any of these agenda/organization apps to stay productive and up to date with any work. It will become beneficial for you to find a way to stay organized. Organization is really important especially when you are in high school and from there on. The app that my group and I did was Google Keep. This app will help you to stay organized without having to worry about being such a mess and procrastinating.

The project can be improved for future IDC classes by finding creative ways to engage with students. Make a presentation that the students would actually be interested in listening. Ask the students to use the app and then get feedback from them. Ask the students opinion on whether they found it useful or not.


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