Blog Prompt #3: Learning Strategies Reaction

I used the Pomodoro technique and I was really successful at implementing it. I was very excited to use the Pomodoro technique because I have never used any technique to help me with my procrastination problem before. I was really happy to see the change I would make by using this technique. I did all of my homework and assignments before the deadline and I was so glad I did that. I was able to do my work carefully and not rush through it where I make mistakes. I studied for my tests ahead of time and that was a relief because I had more time to study. This lead me off to getting better grades than before. In between of doing my work and studying, I took small breaks so I wouldn’t be stressed out. I use to easily get distracted, so now when I am doing my work or studying, I either give my phone to my mom or turn it off and keep it somewhere far away from me. This has helped me to concentrate and not go off track with my work. I would take breaks from 15 to 30 minutes which has helped me to not get distracted by my phone when I am doing work or studying. I create a timetable where I write what I need to do during the day to keep myself organized and not have myself to procrastinate. Whenever I have a task to do, I have a certain time limit where I have to complete the task. I would always tell myself the faster get work done, the more time I could save by doing other things I want. The Pomodoro technique has helped me to not procrastinate and I feel proud of myself for following the rules. Using this technique has helped me to work on my assignments way before the due date or study for tests way before the test date.

Using the Pomodoro technique for a couple of days has helped me to not procrastinate. I not only use this technique for education purposes, but also for personal purposes. Ever since I have been using this technique, I have done amazing in school and my parents are really happy about my grades. For example, on my business test, I got an 84 percent which isn’t the greatest mark ever, but I am doing better from before. Before I used to get 70’s or less on my assignments and tests. Now I got an 84 percent because I did not procrastinate studying for my test. I am confident my mark will get better if I keep using the Pomodoro technique.

I will continue the Pomodoro technique throughout my life. I know that by continuing with this technique, I could succeed towards my education, career and personal life. I have been doing great so far by following the technique therefore I am really confident if I maintain this, I will improve with my procrastination problem.


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