Blog Prompt #2: Learning Strategy

The strategy that will work for me would be growth mindset. When my mindset is stabled and positive, then I become positive. I basically do whatever my mindset tells me to do. I picked this strategy because I know it will help me get rid of my negativity that I always have towards whatever I do. I can only succeed if I have a positive mindset. I remember this one time where I tried having a positive mindset because I was writing a test and since I was positive, I did well. If I try using this strategy all the time, I know for fact it will turn out to be good like the last time I tried it.

I could implement the strategy of growth mindset by training myself. Training myself every day will help me and remind me of being on the right track. I feel like if I make a plan depending on what my goal is, then I could do that every day. This will make me better in terms of being positive. Things I could do to help me would be to challenge myself into something I have never done before. To come out of the comfort zone. Setting a deadline of when I think is an appropriate time to finish a task or whatever I am doing. Working with others who have the same issue as me, will help me to stay focused and engaged. These are some tips I could use to improve myself to do well.

My end goal is to always to have a positive mindset. I am a person with negative thoughts filled in my brain. I could know if this strategy will work for me by trying it again. I have rarely tried being positive for anything I do, such as writing a test. I would always tell myself that I would fail the test or get a really bad mark. If I could just try to be positive, I am pretty confident that the outcome will turn out to be good too.

My critical moves are, I tend to multitask often. I am so easily distracted by my phone with social media. I’ll do my homework, assignments or study for tests, but at the same time, I will go on my phone. I am always on my phone to go on apps like Snapchat and Instagram. This is really bad because I won’t stay focused if I am always going on my phone. Another problem of mine is that I always procrastinate.  I will complete all of my assignments or study for my tests or exams right at the last minute. This is pretty serious because when I rush into doing my work, then I will do poorly. I know I need to change that, but yet I still can’t. I easily get distracted when something is going on around. I will try to avoid not getting distracted, but I can’t help it.

I will shrink the change by adding little changes to what problems I have. Instead of rebuilding myself, I can just add those changes to make the problem better. I could use the Pomodoro technique to avoid my procrastination problem. I could start doing my work way before the deadline. I could take short breaks in between of doing my work or studying. I can force myself to limit distractions. Make a schedule of what I am going to do for the day to organize myself and not be all over the place. Trying to work and study faster, but learn and understand at the same time. Not over stressing of not completing a task, but patiently thinking of what I could do to fix the problem. These are some of the techniques I could use to change myself into making my bad habits into good ones.

I could tweak the environment by avoiding distractions. By avoiding distractions I will be on track. I easily get distracted if I hear any noise. I get distracted when someone is talking, blasting music, teachers talking during tests or exams and much more. I cannot do work when I hear sounds. For me, I need silence whenever I am doing work or studying. If I have the mindset of focusing and not caring about anything going around me, then I could complete my work on time or finish it earlier from the deadline.


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