Blog Prompt #1: Technology

I feel like school isn’t really preparing me adequately for the future. School teaches you knowledge and how to be smart in terms of education, but not towards my personal life. The school does not really prepare or teach me how to deal with things such as mental health, finances, communication, time management, organization, and much more.
The technology I utilize is Google Search Engine, Email, Microsoft Word Document, Microsoft PowerPoint, Khan Academy, Grammarly, Microsoft Excel, Quizlet, Citation Machine, and YouTube. To access this technology, I use my smart phone or laptop.

Technology does appeal to me. I find that it’s easier and faster for me to learn the content. I use technology to do most of my homework because it saves more of my time. If the teacher is teaching, I usually bring my laptop to class and type my notes on a Microsoft Word Document. If there is a question I don’t know, then I will try to solve it or find the answer. If I can’t, then I will go on Google Search Engine and search it up. Technology gets upgraded constantly, so there are different ways of learning or doing my work.

It does matter to me if a teacher uses technology in class. Using technology makes me learn better naturally. With technology, it’s more advanced and it’s easier for me to understand. Teachers can teach in multiple different teaching styles. Technology helps me to gain a better understanding of the content I am learning. It can help teachers to teach and explain the lessons better.

Technology that teachers don’t use currently, but should use could be a website that teachers can use to post videos of lessons, homework, and practice worksheets online. If a student is absent, they can look into what they have missed. If a student just wants to look at the homework or look and listen to the lessons, they can just find it from the teacher’s website. In this case, students won’t stress about not understanding the lesson or not catching up on what’s going on in class.


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